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As an artist, I have always wanted to manifest the immortals of this mortal world within my own style and thought. Various emotions of our lives like- joy, love, sorrow, agony, affection cruelty, desire and blood- thirst, are a prominent and eminent aspect of my painting wherein feelings of nature and living forms are blended into inseparably integrated form.One may easily find the reflection of fantasy in my painting.

Though as per my understanding and perception it is the mysterious nature that creates an uncanny attraction about it. As the medium of my expression I always prefer “earthy colour” in my paintings and it helps my paintings capture the aura and essence of the roots - the nature.

Studio : 568,R. N. Tagore Road, PO: Bediapara, Kolkata - 700077
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Avinandan Barua Paintings

Meditation - Tempera on Cloth

18(W) x 16(H) (Inch)

The Survivor - Tempera on Cloth

14(W) × 18(H) (Inch)

The Puppet - Tempera on Cloth

17(W) x 23(H) (Inch)

The Fisher Man - Tempera on Cloth

18(W) x 22.5(H) (Inch)

Solitary - Tempera on Cloth

18.5(W) x 16.5(H) (Inch)

Behind the Mask - Tempera on Cloth

13(W) x 18(H) (Inch)

The Leader - Tempera on Cloth

25(W) x 29(H) (Inch)

Griha Badhu - Tempera on Cloth

24(W) x 22(H) (Inch)

Race - Tempera on Cloth

22.5(W) x 20.5(H) (Inch)

Madhukar - Tempera on Cloth

24(W) x 21(H) (Inch)

Searching For Light - Tempera on Cloth

24.5(W) x 22.5(H) (Inch)

The Hut - Tempera on Cloth

29(W) x 25.5(H) (Inch)